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Who Is Glass Adornments?

Trade beads are a tradition that literally goes back 1,000 years. These beads were used as currency over the vast trade routes over West Africa. 

Our trade beads come from the Krobo region of West Africa. 

Our Bracelets are 100% hand made, there are no machines used to make our bracelets.  

Old bottles are polverized into dust, put into molds, sticks are put into molds and then are handpainted. 



We use about 15 different types of beads in our bracelets. No 2 beads are identical.

Crumb Beads

Layered Colored Beads

Handpainted Beads

Seaglass Flat Beads

Seaglass Round Beads

Solid Flat Beads

Two Toned Flats Beads

Stone Glass Beads

Raindrop Beads

Hand Painted Flats Beads

Star Flats Beads

100% Hand painted Beads