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About Glass Adornments

Krobo Trading Beads

These are 100% Glass Krobo Trading Beads from Ghana, West Africa. A Tradition over 1000 years old. They were used as currency on the ancient trade route controlled by the Ashanti People. Beads still play an important role in Krobo society, be it in rituals of birth, coming of age, marriage, or death. The beads are hand-painted then imported from Accra, Ghana to Baltimore where we design and make each piece by hand

Bead Making Process

The technology for glass bead making is among the oldest of human arts. The process involves using recycled bottles that are crushed and ground into a powder. After materials have been turned into powder, they are mixed with a binder and colorant. Once the beads are formed by hand, they are placed in a termite mound and incinerated at around 800 Degrees C. After melting the mixture we're left with beautiful clear and opaque looking beads. We carefully choose beads that complement or contrast with one another to create unique and colorful ensembles. The end result is a visually impactful achievement with each bead representing fine workmanship. 

Look below for examples of the stunning beads made from this ancient custom.

We use about 15 different types of beads in our bracelets. 

No 2 beads are identical.